Better Property Maps

We listened to feedback from property professionals who said the traditional mapping solution was clunky and difficult to use. So, we worked with them to build a mapping platform which is simpler, faster, more accurate and cheaper. Edozo Maps is now used by over 5,000 property professionals across the country.

Transform how you create property maps. Request a demo now to see how we can save you time and money.

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Edozo’s mapping software is very simple and quick to use. It dramatically reduces the time it takes us to produce maps.

Folu Aladelusi

What I like most about Edozo is the customer service. The staff are super friendly, approachable and helpful.

Esther Ogunsanmi

Edozo is an integral part of our surveying department. The software is user friendly & reliable.

Stephanie Edge
Hallams Property Consultants
Simpler & Faster
Simple one-click property boundary maps.
Customer Service
Speak with a real human at the end of the phone.
Accurate & Compliant
Accurate maps that are RICS and Land Registry compliant.
Full Range Of Maps
Including MasterMap, City, Street, Town and Aerial.
Control Costs
Simple, low pricing with no subscription.
Works across all browsers and can be exported in all sizes and scales.

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